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Halloween saw the Carnival Macabre or Day of the Dead festival put on at the Northbridge Piazza on both Saturday and Sunday. The Mexican Day of the Dead is celebrated each year to remember friends and family that have passed away and is supposed to lend some assistance to their spiritual journey.


The crew at Freestyle Now were one of the main performance acts over the two days tirelessly putting on four shows on the Saturday with a number of ramps on which some rad moves were made. Established in 1986 by three friends, Freestyle Now is now run by the Rad Shaun Jarvis (whose date of birth is still a national secret). They are the premier street stunt performance group putting on shows and coaching clinics all around Australia. Ethereal Clothing are very proud sponsors and were glad to have provided a bunch of prizes including t-shirts and trucker hats on the day on the day. Both days had Shaun Jarvis as the tireless descriptive and funny (sometimes) MC.


The Saturday show had three BMX riders cutting sick and wowing the crowds with moves like the superman, backflips, tail whips, bar spins, double tail whips and flairs. The riders included 16 year old Matt Atkins riding years past some one of his age. His first 540 attempt on the small ramp saw a small mistake but the next effort landed it no problems! Dylan Schmidt was smashing the quarter ramp with 360’s, double tail whips at insane height. Also landing a superb 360 tail whip into another tail whip on the second ramp. Brady Thomas also known as the D-Man with some serious air and sweet inverted rotations. The group also smashed out a triple back flip to end one of the shows!

Link to the Saturday BMX show here:


Sunday had the mini-halfpipe where we had different riding methods including scooter rider Ben Thomas, skaters Brendan Cross and Ben Weir, and trusty long term Freestyle Now BMX’er Dylan Schmidt once again. The skaters got pretty loose with their tricks always pushing their boundaries as MC Shaun would say some “RAD moves” including a “rip jeans apart split”. Scooter rider Ben Thomas managed to rip out some seemingly impossible switches and flips keeping all of his tricks compact and landing them with ease. Dylan again showed why he is one of Freestyle Now’s top riders pulling off upside down moves, 540’s, double whips and other impressive and stylish moves.

Link to the Sunday multi show here:


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