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When the temperature is not too hot and not too cold and the days are long and sunny, one thing we love doing is getting out on our bikes. There’s nothing better than throwing on a t-shirt and pair of shorts and hitting the open road. And here at Ethereal Clothing we do love us some biking: you don’t have to get too sweaty, you can still look stylish (and you know how important THAT is to us!) and its one of the best forms of exercise you can get.


So in the interests of helping our readers (and hopefully customers!) stay fit and – let’s be honest (here comes the ulterior motive) – really do that Ethereal printed t-shirt some justice, here are 8 reasons why saddling up rocks.


  • An early morning cycle can help you fall asleep faster in the evening. Making you look a damn sight more attractive in the morning.
  • Apparently people who cycle for just half an hour a day, five days a week take approximately half the sick days that people who don’t cycle do. Leverage for a pay rise, surely?!
  • An easy-to-moderate 30 minutes in the saddle burns around 8 calories per minute. That’s the equivalent of 11kg of fat per year! It’s all about the looks…
  • Trying to lose weight? Cycling is far better than running as if you’re carrying a little extra weight your saddle takes the extra load, not your joints.
  • Regular cycle rides aid in lowering your chances of suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and stress. And make you look hotter in a slim fit men’s t-shirt. Fact.
  • Just 25 minutes of aerobic exercise has been shown to boost creative thinking powers. Struggling with an idea for that marketing plan? Fretting about being stuck in a style rut and need to give your men’s fashion sense a shake up? There’s only one thing for it – get on your bike and hit the streets.
  • Regular bike rides, on average, give you a similar fitness level to a healthy person who is 10 years your junior. Does that make it ok to lie about our age??
  • Seem to spend every day dragging yourself out of bed, throwing on the same uninspired outfit before arriving at work and falling asleep at your desk? It’s a hole than you can dig yourself out of. You might be tempted to hit the snooze button (or the bar – but in the evening, please, not in the morning!) but actually, despite it not sounding appealing AT ALL, when you’re permanently tired the best thing you can do is to exercise some pedal power. Just a small amount of physical activity can resurrect your flagging spirits and make you twice the man you were the day before.

And of course, you want to look cool; you’ve got the wheels, the shades, the sneakers, the shorts, now all you need is one of this season’s hottest designer men’s t-shirts from…yeah, you guessed it – we’re shameless – Ethereal Clothing!


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