Men’s Fashion for Spring Summer 2015


The shows are over, the red carpets have been rolled up, the last of the Champagne has been drunk and the designers have taken their final bow. But now that Men’s Fashion Week is over, where does that leave you; the guy on the street, the gentleman about town, the chap that wants to know exactly how those weird and wonderful catwalk creations will filter down to become wearable men’s fashion that doesn’t make you look like a total dork down the pub.

Even the most ardent of men’s fashion fans have to admit that the clothing shown on the runways can get a little, how shall we say, ridiculous!? And this last batch of showings were no different – let’s face it; your average, albeit stylish, guy on the street probably doesn’t want to be seen rocking knee high socks or a bright orange trench coat. I mean, no disrespect if you do – go for it – but it’s not for everyone.

However, we can give the latest men’s designer collections all the stick we want but the fact remains that the shows are the taste makers and style setters that will influence what we wear in a few months down the line. Whether it’s a designer men’s suit for the office or graphic printed t-shirts for hanging out with our mates, these are the clothes that dictate our future wardrobes. With this in mind Ethereal Clothing took a look at some of the emerging trends, discarded the frivolous and outlandish, and took a good honest look at what was what in the Spring Summer 2015 Men’s Fashion Shows.


The ’70s are back, man!

Love it or loathe it the much maligned ‘decade that taste forgot’ is back in a big way. But before you start hitting up your local party shop for a comedy afro wig and your local thrift shop for a brown, polyester, paisley patterned kipper tie, slow down. This is all about subtle ‘70s – trust us it can be done, as Prada showed. This is more about incorporating little details into your outfit: think slightly flared trousers or accentuated collars as opposed to kaftans and loon pants. Not groovy.


But suits…not so much

It’s bad news for all you sharp dressers and fans of designer men’s suits, we’re afraid. Next spring and summer are set to be a more relaxed affair – as noted in Tom Ford’s S/S15 collection, there was a definite lack of suited and booted models. The chilled vibe carries over into both work and leisure time with leather and bomber jackets making an appearance, as well as a noticeable prominence of both sweatshirts and denim.

However, although there was a distinct absence of suits in the last round of the men’s fashion shows as designers reacted to a greater demand for more relaxed work wear and enhanced creative freedom in the workplace, suits didn’t disappear altogether.  What they did do though was adopt a more informal feel with looser, more casual tailoring taking the place of stiff formal men’s wear. But don’t use this as an excuse to get sloppy: a suit is still a suit and if you want to create a good impression, whether you’re in the boardroom or the bar, you still need to ensure that your suit fits properly, in particular watch out for the fit of the shoulders and the sleeve length.


Lighten up, denim

You love denim, we love denim. What guy doesn’t love this most versatile of wardrobe staples? However after dark and stiff denim most definitely having the monopoly on men’s casual wear for, well for ever it seems, finally denim is once again showing its lighter side with paler washes and colours making an appearance. Cut-wise, straight legs, looser fits and high rise waists (not so sure about the last one!) are all coming through in Spring Summer 2015.


Surfin’ USA (or Australia…)

Yeah, we know, we know. It’s what we Aussie guys have known all along; surf wear is hard to beat for relaxed and comfortable style. It’s just the rest of the men’s fashion world only seems to realize it every so often. Yep, surf style is officially back in fashion. (Don’t these Europeans realise it never went away…?)


Anyhow, we digress and surf style definitely made a splash on the recent men’s runways. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work this one out for although the men’s designer crew were showing tailored knee length shorts teamed with slip-on trainers and even surf culture-influenced men’s sweaters and knitwear, our advice is just to keep on doing what you’ve always been doing –throwing in an Ethereal Clothing graphic t-shirt for added style points though too of course.

So, whatever your style, whether you’re a fan of men’s tailoring or looking forward to swapping out some of your dark navy selvedged Japanese denim jeans for a looser, lighter style, or you just want to keep on rocking your trusty surf wear there should be something for every guy next summer. We say, bring it on!


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