Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Ethereal Clothing you are our clients, our customers, and therefore your private information will never be sold, traded or otherwise given to any other company for any kind of compensation. We abide by the The Privacy Act of 1988 (Privacy Act) which regulates the way companies handle personal information about individuals (you, our customer!). The collection of this information, it’s storage and use and the way it is accessed is all protected by the privacy act of which we strictly follow. We are regulated by the Privacy Act on the collection, storage, use, disclosure and security of all your personal information and online purchases (including general contact details, credit card and payment details).

What we use to protect your privacy?

The collection of basic personal information including credit card details, general contact details including email, phone number, names, salutations and addresses are all needed in order for us to successfully fulfill any order. This information is protected by our secure server software Premium SSL EV product. It has extended validated 128/256 bit encryption (both SHA-1 and SHA-2 algorithms) converting your data into practically impenetrable code. Once the connection is made between your browser and our website, all your details will remain secure and private, and that is our number one priority!

Payment Gateway – Safe Shopping

We use Merchant Warrior (highest level of PCI DSS Compliance using McAfee Secure and Securus Global) and NAB Gateway as our banking and merchant facilities.

Browser Cookies

In order to use our website effectively you will need cookies enabled, they allow browsers to operate more effectively, for example log in’s to occur. They also help us learn more about the way people are interacting on our website which in turn will assist us in making the experience easier, more intuitive, and enjoyable for you! We will not use cookies to obtain any personal information about you.

Your Consent

Ethereal Clothing requires your consent to collect this information which is assumed given through the online sales process. However if you have any questions on anything information we have, please do not hesitate to contact us with the contact details given on our website.