What your T-shirt Says About You


What your T-shirt Says About You

Ahh. The t-shirt: staple of every guy’s wardrobe. A classic that never goes out of style and never fails to let you down when you’re not sure which sartorial route to take. Unless of course it’s your wedding day or a court appearance, in which case we strongly suggest leaving the tee on the bedroom floor and opting for a shirt and tie instead.

But, much as we love men’s t-shirts there is no getting away from the fact that not all tshirts are born equal. In fact some are far superior to others. (Big, biased shout out to Ethereal T-shirts!) So, that said, if you want to wear a t-shirt like a boss then you need to know what men’s tees to go for and what to avoid. Not that we’re being fascists about this or anything. I guess what we’re trying to say is that the shirt you wear speaks volumes about you as a person.

Don’t believe us? Well you are being judged on everything you wear – at least by some of the people, some of the time. Sure the guy that sells you your lunchtime sandwich or that six pack of lager on the way home from work probably doesn’t give two hoots. But other stylish guys (you are a stylish guy, right? We’re guessing you are if you’re reading this) and girls – especially girls – are checking you out and making ill-informed snap decisions about the threads you put on your back and the shoes you put on your feet.
And in all honesty your t-shirt says more about you than you think because the clothes you wear in your free time normally speak more about you as a person than the suit or uniform you wear to work. That’s because you’ve made a choice to buy and wear that item of clothing. Wearing a scruffy t-shirt with holes in it or something that a well-meaning but fashion-blind aunt bought you for Christmas 8 years ago simply says “I don’t give a crap!”
So, read on for a complete pop-psychology-esque and totally unprofessional breakdown of men’s t-shirt genres and popular styles.


Men’s classic white t-shirts
A real polarizer, this one. You either don’t really give a damn what you look like – or you’re the total opposite and your sense of style consumes your every waking thought. It’s actually hard to tell which category you fall into…and isn’t that just the way you like it, you white t-shirt wearer, you?!


Men’s retro band t-shirts
One of the most classic genres when it comes to men’s tshirts. If this is a genuinely old shirt then chances are you’re a real music lover and saw ‘the guys’ in concert back in the day. If it’s a new vintage-look, shop bought album cover or reprint of a classic tour t-shirt, well, we’re sorry but you need to start keeping it real, dude. And download something other than that ‘best of’ album too while you’re at it.


Men’s t-shirts with pockets
Men’s tees with a pocket on the breast are an enduring classic and show nice attention to detail. A somewhat vintage inspired shirt, this is a tee that says the wearer is laid back but someone who pays attention to the little details.


Men’s printed t-shirts
One of our favourite styles, it probably goes without saying. A printed tee is usually at the forefront of trends and worn by a man who isn’t afraid of standing out in the crowd. You probably also like to pay a little more for your men’s fashion and aren’t adverse to the odd designer label.


Men’s striped t-shirts
A bolder move than a classic plain tee and whether you’re rocking colourful, bold stripes or a white and navy Breton style top, the stripy t-shirt is hard to beat. Chances are you err on the side of classic cuts and you favour the preppy or nautical look.


Ironic animal print t-shirts
These have been around for a while now and show no signs of abating. The classic howling wolf is probably the most iconic. A few years back we’d have said ‘cutting edge’, these days – not so much. However it’s fair to say you’re into men’s fashion and aren’t afraid of making a statement.


Men’s V-necked t-shirts
Cut to fit and styled with a deep V-neck, it’s probably fair to say that if you’re wearing one of these tees you’re into the gym. Deep V cuts and their slim fit are usually worn by guys who work out and who want to show off their biceps, pecs, abs…and possibly chest hair. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – if you’ve got it, flaunt it, as they say!


Do you agree or disagree with our sweeping generalizations? Got something to add? What do you think your t-shirt says about YOU? Let us know!


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